Whether you are an organization/organizer working for social change, law enforcement, a teacher trying to change the culture of your school or simply an individual trying to deal with the conflicts in your personal life, each person will walk away from our workshops with new skills and a new perspective.

CNCT is a resource and Training Center that engages in teaching skills through education and training, using the philosophies of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Transformation process.

CNCT provides peace building educational programs, evaluation, action research, community outreach, and leadership development projects that foster mutual understanding among people to build and foster more harmonious peaceful, sustainable relationships at every societal level, from interpersonal interactions to institutional and governmental policy nationally and internationally.

CNCT offers a two-day workshop which will provide participants an introduction to the philosophy of Kingian Nonviolence and Conflict Reconciliation.

These trainings are transformational experiences that have helped hundreds of people from around the world understand the depth of the philosophy of nonviolence, and learn to begin to bring the practices into their lives, their work, and their communities.
Through role plays, small group activities, readings, video presentations, mini-lectures and discussions, we explore topics such as:

• Conflict Transformation Skill
• Introduction to Reconciliation skills
• Introduction to Non-violent Communication
• Inter-faith peacemaking
• Restorative Justice (coming soon)