Kingian Nonviolence Training are offered:

Our onsite or offsite training is essential in cultivating a nonviolent society. Workshops, seminar and lecture can be arranged.

Fees vary depending on the nature and length of the training, the number of participants, and the number of trainers required.

The seminar is useful for a variety of individuals, including those who work with young people, people who respond to conflict situations, and people who experience different levels of violence in their daily lives. It provides a framework for conflict reconciliation, management, mediation, and arbitration.

• Conflict Resolution and Transformation Consulting
• Nonviolence and Conflict Reconciliation Training
• Conflict Transformation workshops
• Restorative Justice (coming soon)

While many people may find our training very user-friendly enough to implement independently, others find training a helpful enhancement. Participants explore content more thoroughly as well as practice their skills, which can increase their confidence and competence to implement it. If you intend to implement conflict transformation or peer mediation, school-wide, our training offers an opportunity to motivate and educate an entire staff.

Our training are very interactive, so we need a training area with flexible seating, usually with tables of six to eight persons. We usually regroup the participants for small-group work, perhaps several times during the day.
Most training require at least a flip chart on an easel. They may also require a standard computer connection for a projector, monitor, Smart Board, etc., with an amplified audio system.
In order to provide your participants with the proper Kingian nonviolence leadership work book we need you to know how many participants would be in attendance, as we only provide the first 5 booklets as part of training cost, see cost for additional booklet. Everyone can benefit from Kingian nonviolence leadership development and conflict reconciliation skills.

If you’d like to schedule a refresher or other follow-up training, we may be able to set that up at a lower flat fee if we build it into your initial training contract. Always, at no cost, we’re available by e-mail and phone to all training participants who need support on planning and implementation. And we always want to hear about how you adapt lessons to your setting.

Our typical on-site training day in the U.S. and Canada carries a base invoice of $2,500.00 per training and consulting day (slightly lower in the Chicago land area and most especially Winnebago County). This fee includes not only the training itself, but also our travel and lodging expenses, and corresponding Kingian nonviolence leadership training materials: for each participant, not more than 5participant, additional booklet would cost $30 a copy.
According to your budgeting and administrative requirements, we can make adjustment to the costs specifically for training or curriculum.
We can also reduce on-site training costs when you bundle it with major purchases of curricula.