We offer consultation on Conflict Mediation, Reconciliation, and Transformation

We find ourselves in a world where people are driven apart by deep differences. These divisions seep into the corporations, community groups, and organizations, nonprofits and church, pitting us against one another in action and language. Yet we entrusted with a ministry of reconciliation that Transform

What is “Conflict Transformation”?

In the progression from conflict resolution to conflict transformation, the latter can be understood in several different ways. The growth of literature surrounding this topic, being prolific and diverse, has outpaced existing dictionary definitions. For example, Yarn’s definition in the Dictionary of Conflict Resolution (1999: 121) has only a truncated summary of Lederach’s work, which promotes “the concept of transformation over conflict resolution and conflict management .” This definition focuses on the “change[s] in the characteristics of a conflict” and on conflict transformation as a method of “inducing change in the parties’ relationship through improving mutual understanding.

Our Workshops cover these and much more:

With over Ten years of experience in conflict management and transformation and dispute resolution for community organizations and for law enforcement that are projects specifics. Specifically, we have worked with organizations in different fields and industries, helping them to develop and implement conflict resolution and conflict transformation for their organization.


Conflict is an inevitable aspect of social interaction and it can be either constructive or destructive. Sometimes, it is both. Our role as a conflict consultant is to assist individuals, organizations and collections of organizations develop and implement systems to manage the potentially destructive aspects of conflict and harness the constructive aspects of conflict. I believe that individuals who are responsible for organizations know, through intuition and experience, where debilitating conflict is occurring or likely to occur. Our responsibility is to assist in developing and implementing systems to effectively manage and transform these conflicts.

Our Clientele includes:

• Communities (City or Village)
• Congregational (Churches and Religious groups)
• Cross-Cultural
• Civil (general)
• Educational Institutions (from elementary to higher institutions)
• Law Enforcement (Sheriff, Police & Prison Guards)
• Mediation and Restorative Justice Practice (coming soon)