David C. Jehnsen

Chair and Founding Trustee (1978-Present)

David’s mission is to promote a reconciled world, develop and institutionalize programs and leadership education including research, training & education and public –information regarding the democratic way of life, Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation, Historic Peace Churches and the values and practice of democratic social change. Read Full Bio

Scott Holland

Scott Holland is the Warren A. Slabaugh Professor of Theology & Culture and Director of the Baker Peace Studies program at Bethany Theological Seminary. He works nationally and internationally with models of Just Peace that are ecumenical, interfaith and intercultural.

Matt Guynn

Director of On Earth Peace’s Nonviolent Social Change Program

Matt (Portland, OR) is an activist and nonviolent social change trainer grounded in the philosophy and methodology of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the broader US Civil Rights movement. Read Full Bio

Rick Polhamous

Rick is a member of the Pleasant Hill (Ohio) Church of the Brethren where he has served as church board chair, deacon and youth leader. He has also served as witness commission chair, Annual Conference delegate and in many other capacities. Read Full Bio

Samuel Sarpiya

President/Founding Faculty

Samuel is a Doctoral Student at George Fox University and Nonviolence Community Organizer in Rockford, where he organizes the community to addresses issues of poverty, education, violence and racism, through Creative Community leadership, using Social Change. Read Full Bio

Ellyn Ahmer

My earliest experiences with conflict were growing up in an ordinary, middle class, white family of five children. I unconsciously learned about the power structure very early. Adults are in charge. Kids do what they do to get what they need. When their needs are not met, they resort to many different behaviors to survive. The variety & intensity of needs within a group of seven people caused much conflict, most of it unspoken & unresolved.

Rev. Yakubu Bakfwash

Director of International Training and Research

Rev. Yakubu Bulus Bakfwash is the Director of International Training and Research at the Center for Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation (CNCT), Rockford IL, USA. A graduate of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS), Jos Nigeria and African International University (AIU) Nairobi, Kenya, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Master of Divinity respectively. Read Full Bio

Kevin “Gus” Hall

Director of Operations

Currently supervising our Mobile Lab Project. Along with many other administrative duties and tasks, Gus facilitates our Mobile Lab Classroom with an army of Volunteers and staffing that will aid and accommodate those who participate in this after-school program. Read Full Bio

John Tsok


• Astute journalist with rich and diverse qualifications and experience committed to work as a journalist and upholding the journalism ethics. • Knowledgeable in news writing and style, news gathering processes and types of reporting. • Specializing in current affairs presentation and news commentary/editorial writing for radio and television on topical, local and international issues. • Managerial ability in managing the newsroom.